Topic 2: Reflection

I definitely felt the pressure to up my blog-game this week. I enjoyed this topic much more than Topic 1, as I was able to understand how my web use impacts my online privacy. I had a vague understanding about cookies and how websites use them to tailor our online experiences but I never realised how extreme this is.

Brad’s comments were interesting, citing an article about how Snapchat can retrieve your digital media despite claiming all media exchanged on the app is deleted forever. This is a violation of online privacy, seeing as this is not a disclaimer when downloading the app. The report also discusses issues about users using it to exchange sexual messages and images, under the impression they cannot be stored which is worrying.

Many comments on my blog asked about my personal experience. This led me to create the infographic below to easily lay out the footprints I leave.

Figure 1: My digital footprints, self-produced. 

Carolina questioned what age is it acceptable to begin creating identities, citing a video about parents who create social media accounts for their young teenagers. Although the article by Lenhart I cited reports teenagers are more likely to control their identities, that does not necessarily apply to young teens starting social media for the first time. Therefore, I think it’s actually helpful for parents to assist in setting up accounts as they can help them navigate websites and teach them about digital footprints and how to protect themselves online. If parents don’t do this, it is likely the children will set up accounts anyway and be at risk.

Since Topic 2 was so enlightening about how private our online identities really are, I shall be using precautions other blogs suggested and listed below in order to protect my online identity.

Figure 2: How to protect your online identity, self-produced. 

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