Topic 3: Reflection

This week’s topic has really allowed me to piece together everything I have learnt in the module so far and begin to see a bigger picture. For example, the recap in my Topic 3 blog provided context to the issue with information learnt previously.

Now that we are officially half way through the module, I am glad to see myself improving my blog posts and building upon the feedback I have been provided in the past few weeks. Below is an outline of the aims I had for this week and how I managed (if I did at all) to achieve them.

How did I achieve my aims this week-
Figure 1: Self-produced using

I also saw an increase in innovative approaches to the task by other bloggers. Whilst admittedly I took a fairly straightforward approach, I was very interested to see other ideas I had not considered. In particular, Sharon discussed how to deal with online criticism which I hadn’t realised the importance of other people’s content about you when establishing your own professional profile. I also noticed how Brad highlighted the importance of developing a personal brand online, even offering advice on utilising creative programmes like to develop business cards. Personal branding was something I touched upon in my blog, but Brad’s ideas led me to rethink how I brand my Twitter profile. I decided to make it more professional and utilise the network of over 500 followers I have. The changes made can be seen in the image below.

Figure 2: Changes made to my Twitter profile after learning the importance of professional profiles online, self-produced using

In the final two weeks, I will really focus on developing my evaluative and analytical skills as well as immersing myself more in other non-course resources.

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One thought on “Topic 3: Reflection

  1. Y’a des gars que rien ne dérange, d’autres qui vont fuir au moindre prétexte et entre les 2 extrême y’a toute une panoplie de nuances…Donc parce que tu aurais possiblement un bagage lourd à porter ca ne veut pas dire qu’il FAUT que tu cherches quelqu’un avec le meme genre de vécu, faut juste trouver quelqu’un que ca ne dérange pas…Tout dépends du bagage et des gens impliqués…


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