Topic 4: Reflection

The module is nearing an end and it is really interesting to see how all the other blogs have developed and the different approaches people have taken. Last week, my main reflection was the necessity to develop a more analytical perspective which I focused on with this week’s blog. In the infographic below, I’ve demonstrated how I did or did not achieve my aims.

How did I achieve my aims this week-
Figure 1: My aims this week, self-produced using

In addition, with it being Topic 4 I’ve been able to analyse my development over the past topics and see how I’ve improved, becoming more confident with tools such as and Below is a video to see the changes I made.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s been enjoyable to see how all the topics tie together. Back in Topic 2, Alexander and I had a discussion about the importance of introducing online safety lessons as part of the school curriculum. This issue came back up on Oliver’s blog when he discussed how social media allows cyberbullying to occur and how prevalent it is. I was interested to learn from his blog that schools are slowly introducing lessons regarding online safety and cyberbullying prevention and posed the question whether parents should be taught too.

This week allowed other bloggers to really take their own approach to the topic with the option to choose their own ethical issue. Because of this, I enjoyed reading the different perspectives. Whilst I personally focused on business social media use, I especially enjoyed Rachel’s discussion on how children can’t be ethical online if they don’t understand ethics and was shocked to learn that 75% of 10-12 year olds have social media accounts. This makes for a very grey area when it comes dealing with children online. Below is a slideshow demonstrating what I learnt from reading other blogs.

Word Count: 298

Link to comments:

Slideshow references:

Rachel’s blog here

Sharon’s blog here

David’s blog here



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