Topic 5 Reflection

The end of the module is finally here and it’s fair to say I have learnt a great deal – more than I could ever have expected.

As the topic explored open access, there was plenty of ground for everyone to cover. I specifically focused on open access and academia, with a little introduction to news media. However, it was great to see other blog’s like Ausaf’s and Carolina discuss open access in the music industry, highlighting Spotify as a noteworthy example. This topic, more so than others, I have been able to engage in discussions that stem on from the topic’s main points. Andrei’s comments on my blog initiated a discussion on whether open access reduces the quality of journals published. This eventually ended up with us discussing the future business model of journals and whether they could apply the Wikipedia model (relying on donations rather than charging). It was interesting to witness the different paths of conversation this topic could took. Below is a video I created to point out some of the discussions I had with others and how this led me to learn some new things, including cementing my position that all journals should be open access and that OA does not just apply to academia.


Not only was I able to learn new things, but reading other people’s blogs has helped me progress my blogging style and push me to incorporate original ideas and multimedia, as shown in the slideshow below.

Feedback throughout the module from the marking sheet and from others’ comments has been very important to me the primary inspiration for my progression. Below is a ‘recipe’ I created, taking on board all the feedback in order to help create even better blogs.

Blog Checklist
Figure 1: Self-produced using

Word Count: 289

Link to comments:

Blog references in slideshow:

Harriet’s blog here

Carolina’s blog here

Blog references in Youtube video:

Ausaf’s blog here

My blog here



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