Topic 1: Reflection

Prior to beginning the module, I had a little experience in blogging. Previous modules in Politics had asked me to blog on issues related to the course, which I thoroughly enjoyed in contrast to the more monotonous assessment style of essays. However, these earlier blogs really just touched the surface of what WordPress could actually offer me.

My Topic 1 blog on Digital Visitors vs. Residents allowed me to grapple with new features such as commenting, categorising and tagging and further cement my own position as a digital resident. I’d also never really read much about digital engagement and it was really interesting to finally be able to learn some real theories and concepts on the topic.

Scott’s comments allowed me to consider how categorising digital users by their age is simply discriminatory. I do think it is important to not completely rule out age as a factor. It is very common for many people my age to have a completely different experience with the digital world than our older relatives , something that Harriet also discussed on her blog when talking about the differences between how she uses the web and how her dad uses it. However, the discussion with Harriet on her comments helped me to understand that criticism for Prensky’s theories not only came from the seemingly discriminatory nature of age categorisation but also due to his lack of substantial evidence for his arguments.

One thing I would definitely like to build on over the course of the next few weeks is the incorporation of multimedia content. I began with a few self-made diagrams, but I’d really like to begin creating infographics that enhance the written content without just adding more words like I did in figure 1. Overall, I have had a very positive experience of topic 1 and am very much looking forward to beginning topic 2 and developing my skills.

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