Final Reflections

Despite my apprehension at starting an online learning course, this module has quickly become one of the most inspiring and insightful modules. I have learnt about topics I had never previously even thought of and have had the opportunity to develop my digital skills and converse in online communities on interesting topics and issues.

Below is a slideshow demonstrating the development of my digital profile, using the self test document as a base.

Topic 3 encouraged me to develop my online professional profile. I put some effort into developing my LinkedIn profile. Before I had some brief information about work experience and my degree, but I lacked a profile picture which would have encouraged more recruiters and networkers to connect with me if they could put a face to the name. As a result, I wrote a brief summary, inserted a headline and uploaded a profile picture. I also uploaded a photo of me pitching a product to a customer as my cover photo. Below is the final look:

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 17.28.48

Once I completed my profile, I gained the status of ‘All-Star’. I saw an immediate improvement. My network grew as more people in the industry connected with me, I also received messages from four different recruiters encouraging me to apply to full-time job roles or internships.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 17.22.57

Learning about authentic profiles and personal branding in Topic 2 and 3 made me turn my attention to my social media profiles. Below is an infographic showing the changes I made to my online profiles based on what I learnt over the module.

Developing my online profiles
Figure 1: Infographic showing the development of my online profile. Self-produced using

Topic 3 was very interesting considering it was all about professional profiles and social recruiting. I decided to utilise social media in my own experiences as a recruiter for Brand Ambassadors. I used Facebook and Twitter to broadcast posts about the role, including a video to engage more potentially interested students. I was able to engage with LinkedIn more, using their search feature to search for ideal candidates and use the messaging feature to get in touch with them. The infographic below shows some examples of this:

Embracing social recruiting
Figure 2: Infographic showing the use of social recruiting. Self-produced using

The module has been very inspiring and the video below demonstrates how I will be taking everything I’ve learnt into the future. Most of all, the module has given me confidence to develop my own blog beyond this one.

The amount I have learnt has been immense and the module has allowed me to engage with topics I had never even thought about before. Below is a slideshow outlining what I have learnt from the topics.

This module has enabled me to not only grasp but also become confident with evaluating online information, creating online materials and engage in intelligent discussions, all of which are skills I will carry with me in the future.

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